Rolling Stone magazine · * * The bizarre connection between Michael Jackson and Joe Exotic, the success of the Tiger King on Netflix


Since the launch of the documentary series Tiger Kingor For the life of the Tigerin the public Netflix he found the connections of the great stars of the pop and the history of Joseph Gallo-Passage, the owner of the petting zoo is accused of ordering the murder. In addition to the Britney Spearslike you said with the animals, the who, Joe “Exotic” in the UK, Michael Jackson he also had a connection with the creator.

According to an article in the The Los Angeles Times, Jackson he was the owner of seven black caiman, and a crocodile in the zoo Joe “Exotic”. The animals were taken to the Neverland ranch after the death of the The king of Pop in 2009, and died as a result of a fire at the Park, Zoo, Interactive, Garold Wayne, in 2015.

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The Ex-partner of the The Exotic, John Finlay confirmed that the origin of the animals. “One of the directors earlier brought the gators to the ranch in Neverland,” she told the program While Out With David Spade.

At the time of the fire, Joe he lamented the death of the animal. “You can be replaced, equipment can be replaced, but the gators do Michael Jackson they may not,” he said at the web site KXII. The second is the matter of the alligators and the star survived the ordeal, but suffered serious smoke inhalation. There is no information about it.

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Joe charged Carole Baskin, an activist of the animal, and the rival of the speaker, to have caused the fire, according to the RESPONSE. The creator of the exotic animals he was charged with ordering the murder of a Baskin, in the fall of 2017.