The film for the Film the Spectacular 07/04/2020


The “Movie Spectacular” on Tuesday, the day 07/04, then you can watch it in the movie “The Avenger of the Future.” (2012) in the SHOW.

Synopsis: In the future, the idea of Doug Quaid is haunted by a nightmare, the one that takes you on a tour of a company is revolutionary, it promises to turn your fantasies into memories of the real ones. He chooses to be a secret agent, but the procedure goes awry, and soon the place is surrounded by police officers. In a question between the real and the illusion, lost his struggle for life, facing the police officers and his own wife, trying to figure out the riddle of his own past.

The Title Of The Original: Total Recall

Cast: Colin Farrell / Kate Beckinsale / Jessica Biel / Bryan Cranston / Bill Nighy

Director: Len Wiseman

Origin: united states of america

Genre: Action

Rating: Not recommended for children under 14 years of age

Ticket: 198,5 million dollars

Check out the trailer:

And all of this and much more, you may check out immediately after an edition of the “the Rat”, beginning at 23: 30 (eastern time), at the SHOW.

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