The justice shall take a decision regarding the fight for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lock up battle-Picture Playback)

Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit of defamation against, Amber Heard, after the woman has made serious allegations against the actor in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, according to Yahoo, a judge has decided to deny the request on the day of Tempest, and that he wanted to be left out.

Deep, asks for no more and no less than $ 50 million from the ex-wife. In the world of money is the equivalent of more than $ 250 million. The process took place after the publication of the Amber in the Washington Post accusing Johnny of domestic abuse.

The defense of the star claimed that the allegation is demonstrably false, and the judge Bruce White held that, even though She does not have a quoted Depp, and you know that it is the abuser that is mentioned is the ex of her.

“The decision to let a jury decide whether the journal of the Heard that is true in what it says. We remain confident in the truth of the Heard is going to prevail”, said the defense of Amber Heard, but Johnny Depp did not want to be revealed.

In the past few weeks, leaked audio in which Amber Heard’s assumed to have beaten up his Wife, and the details are smashing. “So I got up, and I don’t even know what I said, that is to say, I should have said something like, ‘what the h**** is this?’, you know, it’s because you just had to hit me over the head with the damn door. I was then lifted up, and you hit me (again),” says Depp in an audio released by the Daily Mail.

“I just reacted, and I beg your pardon,” said the actress to the Tempest, which will also be made to fight in the court of the county of Fairfax, in Virginia:

“Once you get in a rage, he started destroying the personal possessions throughout the house, including my personal belongings in the locker. My sister, Whitney, was there, and when Johnny jumped over to beat me up, She put it between us.” Johnny turned to her, and that she was at the top of a flight of stairs, and then moved on. Acting in the defense of my life, as I was in fear for his physical safety, I have taken a punch to the face from Johnny’s to take their attention away from it. This is the only time that I hit Johnny. At this point, the safety and security of the home, intervened and separated them,”, “she said.