This is why Scarlett Johansson doesn’t use social networks


Scarlett Johansson is one of the actresses most searched in Internet that, unlike many artists, does not share with his fans pictures, videos or thoughts of their private lives on networks, for one simple reason: you don’t use them.

The renowned american actress has a bad relationship with the network due to the hacking, which has suffered some years ago in your mobile device, filtering some intimate photos of her.

However, that does not seem to be the main reason for the invisibility of Johansson in networks.

“Social networks are a little strange”

On several occasions the actress has explained the reason of their absence in the nets:

“It seems to Me a strange phenomenon that people want to tell you all what it does. I prefer people to have less access to my personal life. If I can keep it that way, I will be a very happy woman,” said in 2013 the magazine Marie Clare.

In the magazine OK! Magazine in 2016, said : “You know, I did not grow up in the glow of social networking. To see it become a snow ball into what it has become today, it is very disturbing”.

He added: “I don’t have an account of Facebook or Twitter, I can’t think of anything that you prefer to do nothing less than continually share details of my everyday life”.

In this way, the actress of Marvel denies any type of account that is impersonating her on social networks.

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The victim of leaks

Johansson was part in 2011 of a series of hacking to Hollywood stars leaked photos intimate on the Internet.

Like the actress of Avengers, joined Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis.