video terrible. “So how bad is it?”. Last time


January 23, 2020
(14:45 CET)

The face that has stayed with him to Angelina Jolie when have you seen the latest pictures of their friend Madonna it has been one of those that is not soon forgotten. And is that every day that passes confirms even more that the queen of pop does not pass precisely through its best moment.

In fact, as apunó Journal Goal just a few days ago, the american singer has severe pain in his joints. Pains in the legs and in the hip, in fact, have caused Madonna has had to suspend some of his recent performances.

The video of Madonna

While it is true that he had been the own Madonna which on occasion had been dropped, the pain was more than strong, many have been left with the mouth open to see the last video that has appeared of her in the networks.

Among other things, because in the pictures you can see a Madonna we need the help of a cane to climb stairs. “doSo bad is?” point many in the social networks.

The answer only knows it, but there are several voices pointing from your environment that the mobility of the singer is becoming less and less. The pain is growing stronger, and, even before having to suspend a number of concerts, in his last performances was seen very removed and stop.

But nothing comparable to this video, unsurprisingly, has left many of his followers certainly worried. “What’s strong with what had been this woman,” “Mother of mine, if you can’t walk”, “The following is already in the wheelchair,” “I Knew I had something but I did not know that was so beast” or “It would be better to fail to act…if you are going with a stick please” these are just some of the many comments in this regard.

We’ll see how it evolves a Madonna that, apparently seen, it seems to have left behind those times in which you did not leave your followers speechless with their choreographies impossible in the scenarios.