Alanis Morissette talks about motherhood: “I love you mother”


Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

It is almost impossible to talk about Alanis Morissette in with someone who will always try to give a story to the music, it took on a special significance in the life of a person. This is in large part due to the honesty and emotions of light, which she shared through her work. She showed it to the women, who felt anger and sadness, this is normal, and is inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.

In addition, she speaks openly about her trauma, and healing, and the experiences of the post-partum period, which led to the magazine’s Health to choose for the cover of the the month of may, the season in which we celebrate Mother’s Day, and also focuses on the health, mental well-being. In an interview with the magazine, She talked about motherhood and resilience.

Your life once you have kids it changes a lot, even in the professional scene. She told me that at the beginning of her career, she needed to be completely alone and to focus on recording albums, but now, with three kids, she got used to the mess. The singer also talked about how he loves being a mother, which led her to pose for the magazine while breastfeeding her youngest child in Winter:

“I love you women’s. I love mother’s day. Many times, the mothers are suffering silently or not so silently. And there may be a time of rest, that my validation is on, this mother, it can help you – that’s why I did it,” he said.

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The singer has also suffered from the post-partum period, during which time he had to deal with the depression and the anxiety disorders. It tells us that, at our roots, which is when a woman has had her child, she was surrounded by other women who assist with the care and with the re-building of their body and of their identity, which is not the case today: “it Cuts to modern times, where in the world is a very male, very alpha, which is completely the opposite.”

In spite of this situation, trying to affect the bond mother with child, and She claims that it is possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and to fight for the relationship not to be affected.

About the lyrics of his songs that carry a large emotional toll, She says that, at first, I was too afraid of how it would be received, but we realized with the passing of time, they share their traumas with the help meet them, and you are also helping other people who have experienced trauma like.

The singer is a person who is highly sensitive, and this characteristic is present in about 20% of the world’s population, which means that it can be easily hiperestimulada. To keep track of that aspect of her personality, She likes to be close to the water and to be left alone, “Like mom’s going to spend more time alone?” I’ve been able to do this in the evening. Sometimes, I meditate. And yet, at times, meditating is not really what I want”.

In the end, the singer has also spoken about the treatment of the mental health of their children: “where is dad going? He is going to therapy. What is the therapy? Therapy is where we can help you understand your heart, your soul, your mind, your story and your thoughts.”

In addition to this, the singer tries to practice what it is to enter into the eyes of a child, and see which appeal to them, and how they see the world. “What if my child is going to sleep in the afternoon, and me and three questions in life, there’s no, Ah, we’ll talk about it in the morning. At that time,” she adds.