an ode to the composer by an unknown-well-known for ‘That Thing You Do!’


Among the tens of thousands of victims of the Covid-19, which was caused by the pandemic, the coronavirus that we locked them in the house, and is dealing with the structures of capitalism, as it was by Adam Schlesinger, the american, 52-year-old ex-wife, and his two daughters. Being a musician, Adam is a founder of bands such as Fountains of Wayne (out of bubble gum “Stacy”s Mom,” which touched the heart at the beginning of the year 2000), and Ivy, and the composer of the soundtracks for films such as “The Wonders” (yes, “That Thing You Do!” this is it “Music and Lyrics” (the one with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore was a friend oitentista act), and the series, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, which is displayed by the Series. His death was reported by major media publications, such as the YOUTUBEbut without a lot of fuss. After all, this guy is a computer geek, – without any paint of the game, it wasn’t soooo well-known as well. But the work was worth.

More than an obituary, this is a personal text, so why do I need to give you a context of why we are here, after my office hours, talking about a guy for whom no one cared about. As well as well. I am 34 years old and I love music and always dance, and, therefore, the love of music. I dream of a teenager in a small town in the state of Minas Gerais, it was to be a dancer and actress on Broadway.

And it was during the teenage years, that I, a fan of the Beatles, a father and a mother, I knew most of the music of the 1960’s, and I was watching the “The Wonders”. That the movie hottie-of-Session “in the Afternoon” with Liv Tyler, and directed by Tom Hanks, who cares? The story of a garage band coming at the time made me so passionate about it that I’ve seen the movie more than 20 times, the last one not even a month’s time. But it wasn’t just the movie-it’s the big thing, “The Wonders” was on the soundtrack, led by “That Thing You Do”, which was brilliantly written by Adam.

Adam understood that very well, as it did to the pop music that is full of formulas, but you get the hang of it, you dance in your seat on the bus, and to walk in the street, a sing-song voice. “That Thing You Do” was nominated for a Golden Globe award and academy award nomination, and he did the soundtrack to blow up in the charts in the us. The Wonders came out in the cinema and it became a hit also in the real world. Another soundtrack, to be produced by him at the “Music and Lyrics” (2007), followed in the same vein as several of the hits grudentíssimos that moved on the screen. “Way Back Into Love” could just as well have been a part of the success of Britney Spears and the second man’s Wham!, able to make a name for him / her (which one is it?) go back to the mouth of the people.

In 2003, I turned 18, I started going to parties, indie bands at the House of Matrix in, in the River, and it was time for the band and for Adam to conquer me: “Denise”, from the Fountains of Wayne played in “the night”, with its refrain, star, and lyrics about a relationship that is absolutely trivial, between the ” I ” who is speaking to the little girl. You know charisma? It is. The songs that Adam had done.” It was when I was a disquinho-called “Welcome Interstate Managers” —leading to “Stacy”s Mom”— my mom, poor thing, got tired of listening to by default, is always on the stem.

The letters of Adam would marry very well with this pop-rock is a bastard (in a good way, I promise) what he was doing. Most of the time, they were short stories about the characters of the common and the grace that we do not eternizados in the CNTP (normal conditions of temperature and pressure), but that would give the average person the feeling of, “parecência” of, belonging to (the girl who used to live in a country town, and dreamed of arriving at the Broadway has been identified).

And there you have it, that was grace. She used to live in Queens, New York city, but his father was living in Texas. Oh, and they like to Puff Daddy, and he drove a Lexus and purple. The kid from the “Stacy”s Mom,” I was in love with the mother of a small friend, and he used the work of the school as an excuse to get close to the woman’s loved one. In the face of a “Bright Future in Sales” was a 3×4 and of the son, in the wallet, but I had lost the line on the bottle, and swore that I would tenência.

He was put to death by the explosion of the mobile phone
They scattered his ashes across the ocean
The water used to make baby lotion for babies
The wheels of promotion, were fired (…)

She lived alone in a small apartment
On the other side of the street from the medical department
She left her meds in the glove box
It was the afternoon her heart stopped

Lyrics to ‘Mexican Wine’, and of the Fountains of Wayne

I think I would have a portfolio of black in my back pocket
With a bus pass and a picture of my baby inside
And if I would be able to come home alive
I arrumarei to pack my bags
I can’t live like this forever
Do you know that I have come a very long way
And I don’t want to fail
I have a new computer
And with a bright future in sales yeah, yeah

Lyrics to Bright Future in Sales’, the Fountains of Wayne

He was such a talent to tell the stories of characters in common, which led Adam to a more successful project. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, starring Rachel Bloom, winner of the Golden Globe awards owes much to the lyrics of the Adam. These songs gave life to the protagonist that decides to kick the bucket from an office in a powerful law firm in new york for the stalkear the boyfriend of a teenager in a small town with no other restaurants. In the series, the most mocking, he speaks very well about the mental illness of the main character.

In an interview I did with Adam, as a reporter for the newspaper “O Globo”, in the year 2017 (the browsing history of my browser, you know how much fucei on the internet to be able to his contact), he made his job well, and that is the reason why it has not been as well known as it deserved to.

“I can’t not write songs about the stories, though a few times I have been forced to do so. Sometimes, I am logical when I write out music, pop or rock music, but it’s a good thing when you’re writing a play. I was the only guy in the band when I was younger, but it turns out that I was good at writing songs to order for other projects, and I like that.”

It is heart-breaking that so gripezinha” may have hindered a-face is so cool keep on doing what you like best. With that said, please stay at home. For you, your family, your neighbors, strangers, and the people that I admire.