Angelina Jolie adopted Zahara, at 6 months, to save his life


The actress Angelina Jolie it has always been inclined to try to promote the living conditions of children in situations very regrettable, even some of them have been adopted by it, is the case of Zahara adopted daughter of the actress and of which little is known the history of their arrival to the life of the actress, a heartbreaking story with a happy ending.

As an ambassador of the Unicefthe actress has been aware of the situation as regrettable by the crossing of hundreds of children in some parts of the world, without any chance even of surviving, Zahara it was a girl lucky that at 6 months of age your story touched the heart of the star of hollywood who decided to adopted in order to save the life of the small.

Zahara today 14-year-old should their well-being and to have survived such a young age, thanks to the generosity of the star who at one point, during his work in the world organization UNICEF (United Nations Fund for Children) the rescued.

The history of Zahara it would have been a very different not to be saved by the actress who made a trip to Ethiopia during her work in that organization and in a given moment he came to the house of Zahara.

The little one of 6 months going through a critical box malnutrition and was on the verge of loss of life, your mother and your grandmother had no money to take care of her and feed her. Their situation was so critical that the mother, Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, decided to flee to the desert so as not to see death to your baby.

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The grandmother of Zahara offered to the small to the actress so that I could survive, witnesses say that Angelina fell in love with the small since he saw it but he didn’t think that was going to adopt her.

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After three weeks, the mother of Zahara, Mentewab returned home dehydrated and to not see his daughter asked what had happened, but her mother told her that she had been adopted by Angelina Jolie. Mentewab was happy.

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Years later the biological mother began to require for many years to Angelina he could see his daughter, allegedly, not for the back I wanted to be close to her, however, this never took place.

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Also, the work of the actress Angelina Jolie not finished there as when to marry Brad Pitt together they devoted themselves to save children in complex situations or dangerous. So also adopted Maddox, Pax and Zahara, have formed a large family before the problems appeared.

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At present, Zahara it is all a teenager of 14 years, which enjoys the company of the actress and in the images that are captured together, they can appreciate the gratitude of the young man towards his adoptive mother already that I will never loose the hand, and will always come very close to smiling.