Chiara Ferragni attacks Kendall Jenner for giving information ‘FALSE’ Coronavirus


‘The State decided to put ALL THE ITALIANS within their homes until the 3rd of April, to prevent the virus spreading further and to prevent the health care system and the hospitals will collapse… So, please, begin to become aware of and understand this is not a common cold and that is much more dangerous for all of us,” he added the creator of The Blonde Salad in the same publication.

Why Kendall Jenner made her angry to Chiara Ferragni?

The american model shared in Instastories an infographic with statistical data related to the Coronavirusfrom the site’s ‘Information Is Beautiful’ with outdated data (probably Kendall what he shared when the figures had already risen, without realizing it). In the opinion of Chiara, the post Kendall underestimated the pandemic COVID-19 because the shared graphic by Jenner showed that most cases of hiv infections were not serious and that the people who get the virus recover easily.

The message from Chiara Ferragni to Kendall Jenner for the Coronavirus

‘For people who have a voice as large as Kendall Jenner, please do not underestimate the problem. This is a serious problem, it is in my country and will be in many different countries at this time, so please tell them what is right and awaken consciousness’, he asked Chiara Kendall in a video that was transmitted on social networks.