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The Video) shows, on an exclusive basis, for the full line-up of the festival is the virtual Starvation of the Song, which will unite artists from the different fields of the music industry in the fight against hunger in Brazil. Compassion, Julian B, P, and Pedro Sampaio are some of the highlights. Jorge & Mateus, who broke the record with his “live,” recently, there have also been confirmed. The festival, which is a 100% online, it is going to happen on the Sunday (12/4), at 16, to be broadcast via Youtube. Each show will be 30 minutes in length, and the presenter of the festival will be the actor Rafael Zulu.

Marcelo Falcão
The Appropriate Fields Aircraft
Jorge & Mateus
Wesley Safadão
Léo Santana
Dennis DJ
Pedro Sampaio
Julian The Be
Xanddy Harmonia
+ special guests

At this point, to 5.2 million people suffer from hunger in Brazil. The festival wants to raise funds for a better distribution of the food, because we produce more than we can eat. The problem with this is that the waste is enormous, and I find it to 1 kg for each 3 kg of food produced.

The project Hungry for the Music we had already 217.458 lbs of food to the equivalent of R$ 1.087.290). The festival aims to increase this number, for the food to arrive at institutions around the country that distribute food to those in need. Donations start at$ 5 and can be made at this link.

The Video) he is a partner of the festival, which opens with the bonus of the media inside one of the platforms of the website, and it will make you a special coverage of the this week. For