Jennifer Aniston comments on the ‘ live with John Mayer, and laughs at the joke of her ex-boyfriend – 07/04/2020


At the last moment, Jennifer Aniston has left a comment on the live stream of her ex-boyfriend John Mayer on Instagram.

He was sharing a story about the late singer, Bill Withers, reinforcing the importance of their opinions, and he changed the tribute to him, with a joke about himself, saying that the Bill was opposed to it, because almost nothing he says can be considered to be a useful one.

At this point, the account is verified, Aniston’s engaged to John Mayer by posting a three-emoji crying with laughter, what it means to her that not only was keeping up with the content that is produced by her ex-boyfriend, as I also felt the grace of your comment.

She and Her dated in February 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. Even after termination, continued to be friends.

In 2010, he considered himself an “idiot” by the end, with Jennifer, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.”I’ve never really got over it. It was one of the worst times of my life,” he said.

In spite of this, the relationship between them is still close. In the last year, She took part in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the actress ‘Los Angeles’, in which the ex-husband of Jennifer, Brad Pitt, was also present.