Kris Jenner was able to get it from Coronavirus


Recently, the celeb Kris Jenner attended as invited to the birthday party organized by Sir Lucian Grainge, a few days after Lucian was detected with coronavirus, which woke up the possibility that those who came to congratulate could have contracted the virus.

Although not presented any symptom, Kris immediately carried out the tests due to the possibilities it represented to have been in contact with a positive case of the COVID-19. Fortunately the results were favorable for Kim.

According to reports, the feast only included close friends, so they were only a few that were at risk of acquiring the virus. As a precautionary measure, all of them received the test and gave a negative result, which gave peace of mind to all of them and their family.

Although Kris has not commented anything about the test that had to be done, recently published a tweet with a message for all those who are involved with the care of the health and that, in these times, face a situation complicated by the detection and treatment of patients with Coronavirus.