Oprah Winfrey donates more than € 9 million for the fight against the coronavirus – Worldwide


Oprah Winfrey is donating tens of millions of dollars, that is 9,17 million to help in the fight against the covid-19.
The director of the north-american, 66 years old, announced on Thursday the 2nd of April, on the social networks, video, the amount of the donation, which will be held to help end the pandemic.
In addition to the value of the money, She’s going to be the back to back to get the food to american poor people.

The money will arrive in regions where the patients lived In new orleans, Milwaukee, and Tennessee. Part of the € 9 million is it will go to the initiative, ‘America’s Food Fundreleased in conjunction with the ‘Apple’, ‘the Ford Foundation’, ‘Laurene Powell Jobs said:” is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, it will help to feed the people that are most affected by the coronavirus, the children who rely on the program to get meals to families in low-income, at-risk population, and the unemployed.

“I can still remember growing up with my mother at the Station, when we were without medical assistance of the social and, at times, we need to care for our families just to get by. At times like this, a lot of people are vulnerable to,” says Winfrey, in his account of Instagram.

Check out the video below.

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