Rolling Stone magazine · Speaking of Brad Pitt at the beginning of once upon a Time in Hollywood marks the end of the movie


Even though Once upon a Time in Hollywood, the ninth, and probably the next-to-last film, Quentin Tarantinohas released in theatres in brazil in August of 2019, the film still has some surprises in store. As in the case of one of the first lines of the Jason Booth (Brad Pitt) which connects it with the last of it, down there at the end of the movie.

Please note: the text contains spoilers from the Once upon a Time in Hollywood.

The film begins with a flashback to the The Bounty Lawprogram directed by Rick, For Example (Leonardo DiCaprio), in which the character of the Brad Pitt it appears, as it is, because it is For example. For more than a In November drop it in a speech, the first speech of the plot comes a little later.

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The scene in question is when Rick and Cliff they meet up with Marvin Schwarz, (Al Pacinoand the character of the DiCaprio enjoy as much as In November he did it for him, then Schwarz imagine that you, because it is a “very good friend”.

Cliff he replied with a simple and humble “I will try”. Going to be the end of the movie Jason Booth it says the same thing as Rick he says that he is a friend, indeed a very good one. This way of thinking is understandable, because everything is done by the character of the Brad Pitt in the long time.

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That is, these two times were very symbolic to the character of the Pittbecause of these two lines in direct contact with the friendship of the two companions. And always, Cliff it will be remembered as a kind-of hero For example and his wife, for they had escaped being killed by the cpu of the Charles Manson thanks to that stunt.