Scarlett Johansson brand trend in eye shadows to play with the dress


The new trend that has signed up Scarlett Johansson promises amazing results in terms of eye shadow is concerned. Use the same shadow color that dress is the bet of this season. It is not a novelty, but a trend that is causing a sensation among celebrities from all over the world. The look of Scarlett in the delivery of the Bafta awards are all the great secrets of a professional makeup artist. This trend helps to highlight even more the natural beauty of the actress.

Shadows of garlic to play with the dress shine Scarlett Johansson

If we are to be a famous actress on the red carpet, one must take note of their tricks of beauty. Scarlett Johansson it was one of the best-dressed in the delivery of the Bafta awards. The actress dazzled the whole world to appear with a plunging sequin dress. The garment of pink color in accordance perfectly to your body.

The dress was a jewel of the haute couture signed by Atelier Versace, a brand of great rewarded that enfundo Scarlett in one of the best bets of the night. But not only was the dress that made it shine with its own light to the actress, so many efforts to be perfect it would have come to nothing without the right makeup. In this case, the look of Scarlett Johansson took the prize of the night.

The look was the real protagonist of the face. A good mascara, combined with a bit of highlighter in the tear gave way to a shadow perfect. In the same light tone to the dress, a pink accented with a bit of blush, the combination was amazing. The makeup is merged with the couture gown and the beauty of Scarlett in a special way. The lipstick of the same shade of pink had just crowned one of the trends winning this 2020.