Scarlett Johansson “filtered” details of a Black Widow in a video of the shoot


Some of the most amazing Black Widow are revealed in a video that Scarlett Johansson has gone up since the filming of the movie from Marvel Studios… more or less.

The actress and producer has decided to make a little joke emulating one of the many leaks that for years have been taught especially with the cinema of superheroes. To do this he has recorded a video in the filming in which he says to be showing you some of the best kept secrets of this film, but in reality only focuses on your face and not reveal anything really embarrassing (as is logical).

The video is part of a promotion with Omaze in which the actress and the team invite a spectator to attend the preview of Black Widow in cinemas, but it is still fun to see her talk about all those surprises of which we will not know anything until the tape is to premiere this April 30.

Black widow we will tell the story behind the origins of Natasha Romanoff and his training to be a spy lethal and sufficiently dangerous as to become a part of The Avengers without having any kind of superpower, just a few combat skills and intelligence far superior to that of its many rivals.

In the cast also will be Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour, Ray Winstone, William Hurt, OT Fagbenie, Michelle Lee and Olivier Richters playing Marvel characters that had not yet made her debut in the film as Captain Red, Taskmaster, and Yelena Belova, among others.

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