SI ” prepares “to live,” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his career


In the year in which they complete 20 years in the business, the brothers Kiko, Leandro and Bruno, which are formed in the SI), one of the biggest names in brazilian pop of the early to mid-2000, it was announced on their social network in the next 10 days of April 20, they will gather to remember their successes, and promise to show you a couple of surprises at every turn.

Photo: Handout/Assistance

“Don’t sing together for a long time, we had to stop and put his head in place, and then go back to 100% for all of our fans and people who admire our work,” says the singer Leandro. “And the big hits don’t be left out, but we were separated a few surprises for people who have been with us for 20 years,” says Bruno.

The broadcast will be live, through the official networks of the trio on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to a lot of music, the audience will be able to participate by commenting and sending us the questions. “We’ll be the three of us and no one else in our studio. We’re going to sing, play, and operate all the equipment, it will be too late. I’m looking forward to this moment of re-encounter with the audience, even though a virtual,” says Kiko.

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