The enigmatic tattoos of Scarlett Johansson


The star of the moment in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson, has their fans in mind, not only for their beauty and charm, but by the enigmatic tattoo that he wears on his body.

Are 8 the reasons that the actress of “Story of a marriage” has been carved in the skin and of which little is known about their meanings. According to he confessed to the artist herself, only he would share this information with your most loved nearby.

In the recent ceremony of the Golden Globes, Scarlett Johansson left to see the largest of their body impressions. A branch of roses was semidescubierto in the neckline of the dazzling red dress that showcased the nominated best actress-drama.

The mysteries of Scarlett Johansson

Let’s review each one of the tattoos that have up to now know the model and film actress.

Roses and lamb

One of his tattoos more eye-catching, sensual, and mysterious is the one that looks in the back. It is of several roses on the left side and a lamb on the right shoulder blade. It is speculated that the flowers represent to their daughter Rose Dorothy, but of the gentle animal there are no tracks.

Circles and lyrics

Another of the figures that was tattooed Scarlett Johansson consists of two circles that are joined at one of its sides. One of them contains the letter A. This symbol is small and unknown it looks like in the right ankle.

Sun joyful

In sharp tune with the optimism and the joy, the talented producer vibrates with a colorful tattoo on the inside of the left arm.

It is a radiant sun which contrasts with the blue sea. The actress created the sketch, but it is unknown what inspired her.

A bracelet

On the wrist of his right hand, Johansson always wears a bracelet with a pendant and the inscription “I heart (heart) NY”. It seems that New York is a city very dear to her.

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For luck

A horseshoe inverted could be the lucky charm of the actress from Diary of a nanny”. This tattoo goes on the right side with a message inscribed: Lucky You.

Shy pen

A feather tattoo is located on the right side of the torso of the celebrity. It has been intimated on several occasions from different angles. Although shy, we know that the tattoo is there.

Pink bold

Just below her left breast, Scarlett is tattooed with a rose. It is a further example of your obsession with this flower.

In honor of the Avengers

The actress of Avengers proposed to his colleagues of filming to get a tattoo in honor of the film. In a tiny logo is located on the inner side of the right forearm.