The era of Ultrón’ pregnant and reveal a picture that proves it


I never could have imagined, but Scarlett Johansson always surprise us again. This time it revealed an image of the actress pregnant with her daughter Rose Dorothy (6), while shooting Avengers: The age of Ultrón in 2014.

In the unprecedented capture sees the actress wearing the costume of Black Widow in full recording of the film with a noticeable tummy pregnant, to the side of Chris Evans, our dear Captain America.

The images are spread across Infinity Saga Box Set, pack which will compile all of the films from Marvel Studios since Iron Man up Spider-Man: Far from home.

Despite her advanced pregnancy, this was not noticed in the final outcome of the film. Thanks to the CGI technology they were able to hide your belly, and in action scenes they used double.

In fact, in 2015, the actress told Entertainment News Chris Evans I used to joke with the amount of Black Widow that was in the shoot, there was a total of four, three doubles and Johansson.

Now we must wait until the 30 of April to see again Scarlett Johansson in action when it debuts ‘Black Widow‘, his film solo.

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