The star of the Marvel comics, became the Wolverine in the picture, you see!


At the time of the coronaviruses, even the most famous celebrities come on the collective efforts of the host state. And the stars of the Marvel comics are no exception.

In the films of the MCU, Chris Pratt, interprets it as Peter Quill. The Lord of the Stars, is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s one of the heroes of the most loved by the public.

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The actor took advantage of the quarantine to test out a new look and feel, that he was very close to that of an important mutant in the Marvel universe.

Check it out below!

In the picture you posted on the Stories from his Instagram, Chris Pratt has revealed that it’s letting the beard and hair grow during this period of isolation.

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The actor took advantage of a new outfit for dressing up in the style of marvel comics, a mutant-the most iconic of the Marvel universe.

Pratt showed off their chops, and messy hair are characteristic of the hero, who was played by Hugh Jackman, in a number of films in the Marvel universe.

The actor has to put in the hashtag #QuarantineWolverine in the picture, and it received a number of compliments from the fans.

Chris Pratt is going to star in the upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy, which is slated to arrive in theaters after 2021.

The Wolverine has also been confirmed to finally be joining the MCU, but his arrival does not yet have a date for the happening.

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