Tradition Be impressed with a deep voice singing, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran


Julian The Be it is in the indian independence movement all over the world with his talent, after having success The Girl Let Loose in a variety of media platforms. With this in mind, the GUYS have invited the artist to relax and enjoy the season 2020, the Island GUYS, performed at the beginning of the year.

The owner of an amazing voice, and is full of personality, Julian has raised the spirits of the paradise-like setting of the encounter to participate in the framework for the channel GUYS on YouTube.

The blonde had to prove that you are really connected to the work of other singers and bands, to emerge as a winner from the Word, a piece of music. With no disappointment, then the young man gave it to the fan with a small band of large stars, such as Justin bieber Bieber and Ed Sheeran during the game.

In addition to the Tradition of the duo Falls To Sahraalso came in a wave, and competed for the title of master of music in another edition of the game, was also carried out on the Isle of FACES.

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