Wizard of Kylie Jenner explains why he quit his job


Kylie Jenner is a young entrepreneur who has won a lot of money thanks to their make-up; however, it seems that his life as a socialite needs a lot of help to be able to organize themselves and be aware of everything that requires the life of a celeb.

however, it seems that Kylie has gone without his right hand, Victoria Villaroel, your wizard staff who after 5 years decided to terminate his professional relationship with her.

The rumor circulating on the websites about his likely resignation is that Victoria you want to be influencer, as it has gained many followers in their social networks after working with Kylie. What is determined to take advantage of the care that we provided to be employed, Jenner?

Up to now, Kylie has not given a statement about it, but Vic wanted to clarify what you are saying it and published a message through their stories on Instagram: “Stop believe in everything you read”.

Victoria he explained that his disclaimer it gave a year ago, is not recent and they are still great friends. He said that just now it will take its own path professionally. Apparently, the decision to be influencer is not confirmed, said in an interview for the podcast Girl Cult. She wants to find what she loves and is trying to find ways of bringing out the ideas that you have.