10 the series of classic to watch during the quarantine of the coronavirus


Overwhelmed by a wave of nostalgia with the arrival of the The Witch in the TV Culture, we have to scour the internet to find out what the other previous series that have marked the season, and they still are to be seen. Many of them are full in the streaming service, and that it is worth to think about it in a month to relieve the tension. In a time of social isolation because of the imminent threat of a pandemic, the coronavirus, the much-reduced culture-it’s a way to bring people together, to make sure they have fun, distractions, and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

Jeannie Is a Genie

On the TV show ” it will bring another classic to the big screen in the back, this is the best sitcom of the 1960’s Jeannie Is a Geniethat debuts on Sunday, April 6, at the station. In one mission, Captain NelsonLarry Hagmanwhich is an astronaut, you find a bottle that is different, it piques their curiosity. He opens it, and inside-out Jeannie (Barbara Eden). Glad to be freed of the girl, and that is the best story, you want to give something back to the captain, stating that they will serve you for fulfilling all of your desires. More than this, the military will have a lot of work with the game.

The Witch

As well, as she has raised the subject, let’s point out, too, The Witchthat came on the grill of the TV show ” making a lot of people traveling back in time. The production of the 1960’s, passed through here since 1965, and is displayed in several languages. The stories of day-to-day in a couple’s middle-class american, it is Now (Elizabeth Montgomery), and a sorceress who tries his best to be a plain housewife. It is JamesDick York and then Dick Sargent), a young advertising executive who does not like it at all of his wife’s use of her powers.

The House

In these days of multi-coronavirus, a lot of people reminded us of the bad-tempered Dr. House. Since this is one of those series that is worth stating, it is a complete Amazon Prime Video. A person a lot of times painful, but always brilliant in their solutions for the cases of the doctors, Dr. Gregory House, likes to be direct in their assessments of whether their patients are with their children.


Also, in the book in the Amazon series) When it shows the work of a consultant for the police who is full of foibles, which always complicates the relationship with the people. Do not agree proximity, and love to stock up on bottled water, and everything has to be minutely maintained. This is Adrian Monk, who is played by Tony Shalhoub.


The relationship of the ups and downs of the friends ‘ as Rachel GreenJennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer). With a legion of fans, the series is now complete on the Series, and in each episode, the gang comes in the form of a great variety of circumstances, most of them in Central Perk, with a traditional sofa.

Three Is One Too Many

Other antiguinha, which is the book of the Series, Three Is One Too Many. The production shows in the day-to-day, the widower, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), you will need to take care of three young daughters D. J. (Candace Cameron), Stephanie (Jodie sweetin’s hairstyles), and Michelle (Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen). To do so, with the help of his best friend, Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) and his brother-in-law, Jesse Cochran (John Stamos).

Warden Road

This one is one of the old ones the same. In the view of TV in Brazil, number of years in the 1960’s tells of the adventures of the inspector, Charles, played by an actor Carlos Mirandaand his faithful companion, the dog, the Wolf. The officer and his partner are always on the alert, watching everything and everyone that is passing through the roads of São Paulo, and is always on the edge of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from 1952, or of a car model Simca Chambord 1959.

The cave of the Dragon

One of the drawings that up to now give rise to discussion, it can be seen from the deck Oldflix, which has a content with the classic film and TV, as is the case here. The series shows the exciting adventures of six children who are trying to get back to her world after they reach the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons on a roller-coaster ride.

Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum

A creation of the author By Flávio de Souza director Cao Hamburgerthat included tours of the He Jacob, Cláudia Dalla Verde, Bosco, Brazil), Anna Muylaert and the art made by Jesus Sêda. In the show, Nino is a boy in the 300-year-old, who lives in a castle with her aunt and uncle, Victor, to a large extent, and Morgana, a sorceress in 5999 years old. In addition to the several inhabitants of the place, on a certain day, winning new friends, the children, Biba, Pedro, and Zequinha, with whom he will live many adventures. The episodes of the series are on YouTube.

Mr. Bean

The other one that is on YouTube, it’s the one show, british Mr. Beanthat is carried out by Rowan Atkinson. Hard not to laugh at the intricacies of this subject from the situation in ways funny, you know, that can become a simple situation into something surreal. He has lived in his apartment in the company of his inseparable bear of plush toy, Teddy. Mr. Finally, almost does not talk, we listen to very rarely, some of the sussuros, but the solutions to situations, to complicated is always that of the original.

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