17 famous celebrities with bipolar disorder Celebrities


There are several celebrities who have admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder and, so, they try to break the preconceptions associated with the mental illness.

Selena Gomez Once you have several years ‘ experience of anxiety and depression Affections, only to realize the source of their problems, when, in 2018, he was admitted to the hospital with an emotional crisis at the Hospital McLean, one of the best mental institutions in the United States of America. The singer has confessed that he, by the year 2020, and that it was there that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mariah Carey | The singer has spoken for the first time on the subject in the year 2018, provided that you know that it is two-fold, since 2001.

Demi Lovato Once you have problems such as depression and an eating disorder, the singer has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Carrie Fisher | A the eternal Princess-Leia-was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 24-years of age.

Mel Gibson Was in 2008, which the actor found to suffer from bipolar disorder.

Catherine Zeta-Jones | Diagnosed with a cancer of her husband, Zeta-Jones found out to have bipolar disorder.

Sinead O’connor | The-history-of-depression for the singer that has led to the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Rita | The singer is assumed to have been “relieved” when he found out.

Jean-Claude Van Damme The 38-year-old in 1998, he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Lily Allen | In the uk found to suffer from a bipolar disorder in February of 2017.

Linda Hamilton | At a press conference, she called for the need to talk to you about the subject, so as to desmistificá it. He was diagnosed with in 2004.

Russell Brand | The actress suffers from an eating disorder and hyperactivity disorder (adhd).

Britney Spears Was in the film I am Britney Jean (2013) who is the singer talked about the disease to the public.

The Ben Stiller Show | The actor is not the only one who is suffering from bipolar disorder, because of the family She has a history of this disease.

Cássia Kis | The actress and the brazilian has revealed that the therapy had helped her to overcome the obstacles of the disorder.

Chris Brown | The pop singer says she has started taking pills to control your mood swings by the age of 25 in the year 2015.

Axl Rose | Even though it has not spoken publicly on the issue, there are the rumors of the illness of the lead singer of the Guns’in the Uk.