Angela Aguilar and Kim Kardashian are neighbors in the exclusive residential


The singer of regional mexican, Angela Aguilar it seems that you live in a place that’s fairly exclusive to the city of Los Angeles, so much so that he confessed his father Pepe Aguilar who are the neighbours of Kim Kardashian like other big celebs.

It was Pepe Aguilar who he confessed in an appearance with the famous Scorpion Gold living in an exclusive residential where Kim Kardashian lives and it seems that living in a few houses.

The family Aguilar lives in Los Angeles since some years ago, as well as have a great hacienda in his hometown of Zacatecas.

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As you all know, Angela is very reserved for your personal life so that no one knew exactly where he lived or who had near and was as well as his father revealed a little more about his personal life and his neighbors, famous.

During that talk with the Scorpion, Pepe spoke of what has been his experience in the world of music being now representatives of their children.

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The singer confessed that his great goal is to instill in their children the love, respect and effort that required to function within the world of music and that their brothers and sisters and children filled with pride.

As I cruised by the place where he lives, the father of Angela revealed some details of their neighbors, commenting that Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, The Weeknd and even the use of one of the members of KISS are some of those who live there and even when there were the forest fires of the West family helped him that would not happen to older.

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We’re on my block to show you the house of The Weeknd, of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian”, said Pepe Aguilar at the Scorpion.

The singer also confessed that the richest of the place where you live, are the Kiss familybecause your home is valued at more than $ 40 million.

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These weyes are the KISS family who have cars to what idi… That mad… it cost like 40 million,” he said.