Angelina Jolie is the newest Disney princess


Angelina Jolie is one of the most identifiable not only in Hollywood but in the whole of the entertainment industry.

Since its boom in the 90s up until now, the character has been reinvented as a director and producer, and is now back to take over the spotlight with a high-power cinema blockbuster contemporary in the Walt Disney world. In a way, since the actress has two major franchises, the studio would not be an exaggeration to consider the Diamond as a “Disney Princess”.

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The first, of course, we talked about the first time in the company of Mickey Mouse. He came out along with Maleficent, the film that served as a derivative, and the re-imagining of The Sleeping beauty, being focused on a live action version of the villain. But, of course, that if you are just turning Maleficent into an anti-heroine, who won a tragic story and one that tries to explain the behavior of the character – that is, to the extent that the film moves forward, it is going to become a mother figure to the Princess Aurora, brought by Elle Fanning.

Maleficent may have caused a impression on the pop culture, or the criticism of it, but we’re talking about in the world. The film has made a considerable money at the box office, earning a late continuation of Maleficent: the Mistress of Evil.

The second film in the franchise grossed a little more than half of the first movie. If it’s Disney and you consider this to be a result of jurisdiction at the box office, nothing will prevent Evil to win for a third movie – and it’s worth noting that the success of the original, it also started a wave of films from the “villains”, and as Emma Stone, star of the upcoming Cruella, who arrives in 2021.

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But it’s the same with Marvel Studios is that the Diamond can take a turn in his career, establishing itself as one of the most powerful in the future of the game, it starts in Phase 4, after the success of a billion-dollar the Avengers: Ultimatum.

Angelina Jolie made their grand entrance at the San Diego Comic-Con last year, along with the other members of the cast of The Eternal, and that even includes Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, Dong-seok Ma, Mildred McHugh and Lauren Ridloff. It has been confirmed in the role of Thena, who in the comics is the first leader of the Eternal in the Land, and it seems like a role tailor-made for the actress.

Diamond has always wanted to interpret, Cleopatra in the movie theaters, and Thena you’re almost there. She is one of the Timeless older of the Marvel comics, which originated in Ancient Greece, and it ended up taking a long passage through the history of human beings. She even went so far as to work in Industries that have billions hidden away, so don’t wonder if some of the connection between the Sea and the departed and Iron Man in the MCU.

And when we talk about the powers, and that Angelina Jolie is not going to be shorn close to the Thor, Scarlet Witch, or even the Captain Marvel comics, with Brie Larson. As a fan of comics, well, you know, Thena possesses both speed and strength, and the ability of regeneration is involved. You can fly, generate illusions, transmute matter, and possessing the abilities of telepathy and teleportation.

It’s funny that you consider the existence of “square” are to be taken by the actors working on the Series. In essence, remakes of live-action, Marvel movies and the Star Wars saga, as the leading property in the possession of the studio today. Lupita Nyong’the jungle book: The Boy, the Wolf, Black Panther, Star Wars, the Awakening of The Force) and Donald Glover (The Lion King, Spider-Man: Far from Home Solo: A History of the Star Wars: clone Wars) are examples of such a feat. And the only thing missing was an item for the actress to cross it off of your list.

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Angelna Jolie has also expressed interest in being a part of the Star Wars saga, revealing conversations, Jon Favreau (show runner-of-The-Mandalorian), about a possible collaboration. This is what is missing from the actress’s close to the “Trip to Disney”, but the truth is that Jolie has become one of the two most valuable in the studio.