As for the cinema, they can survive a year without blockbusters – 06/04/2020


Will Smith was the king of the box office. Its the “Bad Boys forever” sits at the top of the collection in the world with 425 million dollars, and is notable as it is the biggest film of the year 2020. While it is not impossible, although it is unlikely that he will go down in the ranking.

The pandemic coronavirus has changed the world for ever, a re-thinking habits, and, leaving it to the future, more than ever, anyone’s guess. It is difficult at this stage to point where it will be the “new normal”. But there is no doubt that, even if the quarantine of the overall is relieved, and the virus is fairly under control, will be difficult for the population to be prepared to face it in a closed room next to each other.”

The company’s research extended data out (EDO, he asked the 7 billion people in the United States, if they are going to the movies when all the set reabrissem. While promising 70 per cent said they took up the habit, as many as 45 per cent of the crop has shown to be cautious and you would expect a couple of days before to buy a ticket – it’s already 11 per cent indicated that their wait would be a couple of months.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in 'Bad Boys 'Always' - Sony

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in ‘Bad Boys ‘Always’

Image: Sony


Not that the industry is in paralysis. The services of the streaming they have become the favorite of the one who was able to get into your home. In the same study msotrou the signature of the Hulo Disney+ spiked since the start of the pandemic. Netflix and HBO), Now they saw their consumption grow by 80 per cent. Half of the respondents said they had purchased the movie on-demand Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube.

For the tour operator, however, the consequences of the pandemic have been devastating. Chains-of-view are to be found behind closed doors in the world. The united states government, aware of the weight of the cultural production of entertainment in the whole world, she was separated from 454 billion to the package, the 2-trillion approved by the senate, and the american companies, which will include a network of exibidora – all depends, of course, the canetada of the president, the Trump.

At the same time, the market tries to help you out. The seal of the Criterion Collection and Janus Films joined forces with one fund, to help cinemas and the self-employed to pay for your essential bills (such as rent and salaries) and is open to donations from the public.

Sonia Braga at the 'Nightjar' Window Film

Sonia Braga at the ‘Nightjar’

Image: Showcase Movies

There’s Alamo Drafthouse, one of the best in the world, and schedule, and the quality of the display, you have created a project, the Virtual Theater that allows you to independent distributors like Film Movement, the Magnolia Pictures and Kino Lorber (which led to the brazilian, “Nightjar” to the circuit-yankee clipper) to view its release to the public, quarantine, breeding in-house events, such as Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday.

In the Movie, Petra Fine Art, in São Paulo, and it also maintains a program of films and cult classics for your service on-demandThe a La Carte menu, or the like, a channel on the platform, Looke. Soon as I make one you can here on the spine of the beef that they have provided.


All the major studios, for its part, will continue to dance on the seats. Most of the major releases scheduled for the first half of the year 2020 slammed on his brakes in the second half of the year. Honestly, some of the cases sound a lot like optimism, exacerbated by the part of the producers.

It is in the case of a “Soul”, and the animation of Pixar, which holds its debut at the end of the month of June. Now, “Mulan”, live action with animation, Disney, left the original date in march to be re-positioned at the end of July. In the same month, the new film by Christopher Nonal, “Tenet”, remains unchanged (but I ‘ m guessing that it is going to take the job of “Godzilla vs. Kong in November, or the same as that of the “sand Dune” in December.

Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman 1984' - Warner bros.

Gal Gadot in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

The Image: Warner Bros.

The same is true for the “Wonder Woman 1984” (rescheduled for August), “A Quiet Place II” is the new “Jesus”, and is the prequel to “the Kingsman” – they all moved out in September. October also has the “Playstation 2″ is listed (which I doubt, that hold the data), as well as The French Dispatch” (a new film from Wes Anderson” and “Black Widow” is scheduled for the last day of the month. This leads to, I just put my faith in your date on an adventure with Scarlett Johansson.

The Marvel is, by the way, came to a halt, his productions, both in film and in the series of Disney’s+, at least not until September. “The Black widow” ends up as a single lançamendo in the studio, in the year 2020, using the data from the “Eternal”. All of the movies that have been pushed down, with “Born” in February of 2021, “Shang-Chi”, in may of 2021, the second in “Doctor Strange” in November of 2021, with the footage from “Thor”, “Black Panther”, “Captain Marvel”, and (possibly) “Spider-Man” is scheduled for the year 2022.

Daniel Craig in '007 - No Time To Die' - the Universal

Daniel Craig in ‘007 – No Time To Die’

Picture: Universal

The same with the candidates for the new are scheduled for July and August, it is unlikely that, in the mind of the public to get traction, immediately after-years. Maybe it’s a return to the theaters by the end of the year will bring optimism to the sense of Christmas and the turning point in 2021.

If all goes well, the audience should return to the habit of collective experience in the dark room in time to see “007 – No Time To Die” in the month of November. Interestingly, the new James Bond adventure was the first movie to have its release postponed because of the threat of the coronavirus, and would hail with praise and a breather for the industry and the enthusiasm of the audience, which is eager for escapism, after months of isolation. Until then, the future is dominated by uncertainty – even if peppered with a little bit of hope.