As it would be in the stream-of-Birds-of-Prey? The truth is revealed


Harley quinn and Poison Ivy (the Image-Reproduction)

The proceeds of the The birds-of-Prey it may have been well below what should be expected, but the head Her Hand it follows, trusting in the possibility of a sequel. In a recent interview with the The Sideshe talked about her ideas, and if a new movie happens. To the director, it would be great to be able to explore the relationship between harley quinn and Poison Ivy.

“I’d love to see Poison Ivy [no filme] and, of course, I would love to explore the relationship between the two,” said the director.

Already, Margot Robbie, perform on the harley quinn, is also in favour of bringing in the character. “The character I’m trying to get is a lot of time in the film, it’s Poison Ivy,” said the actress to the Slash Film. She went on to say, “I Want to tell you this, there are two versions of it, you know, in some comics, it’s a friendship, in any other comic book, it’s romantic. In any case, I want to explore that, because I really love the relationships of the Sort”.

In spite of the ideas in a sequence that is still very much at risk. But the head of the Bird-of-Prey continues to be optimistic about it. “I don’t think that the people are not yet ready to make a harley quinn, and, you know, Margot, also is not likely to leave it to harley quinn,” said Yan, the The Side.

The movie on DC/ Warner’s account, with a screenplay by Christina Hodson. The story follows a new group that is joined to the face of the Mask with Black (Ewan McGregor) is in Gotham City. In addition to the right to Know, which goes back to the interpretation of the iconic character, the film also features Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Hunter, Jurnee captain smollett-Bell as a Canary in the Dark, Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya, and She’s Jay of the Basque country in the role of One of the Animals.

Chris Messina, Ali Wong, Charlene Amoia, Robert Catrini, Steven Williams, Derek Wilson, Francois Chau, and Matthew Willig will complete the cast of a long time.

It is well to remember that The birds-of-Prey it is available in a digital format.

Watch the trailer:

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