“BBB20”: after the elimination, as Law is a sad and terrified of the repercussions of their participation


“I was to be up to date on all of this madness is getting out of the house. I am so very frightened and yet with it all, and really sorry for a few things. But also happy, to receive so much love. Thank you for all of the world that is rooted in the world, everyone who voted and to everyone who sent him all kinds of love, said Marcella. It is very likely that the doctor you are speaking to, among many other things, on the other, that bombaram on the internet by accusing them of racism. In the conversation that you had with Ana Clara after his elimination,, a native of são paulo, arrived to say that he believed in the possibility of Ivy to be disposed of in short, once you know a few things.

In fact, racism was a line of recurring in the BBB20″, to the exclusion of the Babu in the beginning of the play he made in the debate, grow up within social networks, and how Thelma it was dealt with, in some cases, by the GizellyMarcela, Daniel and Ivy has also been the focus of much discussion.

Law appears quite shaken up on Instagram and join the conversation with followers are

This Wednesday (8th), Roberto talked to his followers on the Instagram, and it seemed to be well shaken up with everything that you have seen of them, and even cried. See the following: