Brad Pitt commends a friend who maquiou his butt in the movie


Most recently, Brad Pitt gave a revealing interview to tell me that one of her best friends is a make-up artist, Jean Black.

They had worked together in 1993 in the film ” Legends of the fall. In addition to this, the actor has revealed that the maquiá it into the film, and Jean gave a little something up your butt.

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“When it comes up in conversation, you don’t even if you can’t look,” he said, affirming that the memory of that moment always makes you two laugh a lot.

The star has also commented on the relationship with the make-up artist.

“She’s in the family. “We are like brothers and sisters. She is someone that I cherish so much in my life,” he said, and he has been working in the Black in more than 40 projects.

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Angelina Jolie lend her the money for the charity of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is master of the charity, Make It Right, which is responsible for the construction of houses for the victims of hurricane Katrina (2005).

It so happens that the owners of the buildings in New Orleans have complained about the standard of the houses built by the Organization that is the star of a Hollywood disaster.

Brad Pitt, can you interpret ‘copy’ of his? Understand!

The residents complained of poisoning by fungi, the walls rotting and leaks. Because of this, and came up with a class action lawsuit against the to Make It Right, which, in turn, borrowed by the actress, Angelina Jolie is a total of US$ 500,000 (about R$ 2.5 million) to fund the legal costs, according to the portal of the,uk.

A form of tax to the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation (MJP) has shown that a firm has borrowed to Make It Right, half-a-million dollars by the year 2017.

The publication also said that the document shows that the MJP has provided a loan to zero rate, of US$ 500,000 to the charity of the public.

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