Celebrities can win over me, during the outbreak of coronavirus, say experts


Famous is showing off a side of each of the more and more the social isolation of the recommended to curb the growing pandemic of coronaviruses. Bored and with no company with team members from the advertising, the stars show on their social networks, which are also boring, and without a filter in the quarantine.

The song Cardi B it made for a live-playing “Game,” and Madonna she sang her song “Vogue” with a comb in the hair, but it changed the song’s lyrics talk about a fish fry. Hilary Swank she learned to crochet Ariana Grande he showed her natural hair to the world, and Marlee Matlin wore the dress, who wore it when he won an academy award. “I’m going crazy, but what else is there to do?” he wrote to her.

Total proved natural hair on Instagram
Total proved natural hair on Instagram

The inside of the house, the sun Justin Bieber a joke of a challenge for us, “The floor is lava” in his huge living room. The Covid-19 has also allowed internet users to see, for the first time, to places you never imagined, such as the bathroom, Selena Gomez.

The artist is still doing these kinds of things than ordinary people, how to cut your own hair. The singer Pink he made a publication about this in his Instagram: “I have brilliant ideas when I have been drinking. And last night, I had one thought in mind: I can’t cut hair.”

In Brazil, some of the celebrities are also showing off the darker side of human. Anittafor example, it is lives, doing the cooking, or studying the French language. It already Marina Ruy Barbosa participate in the tutorials, make-up and / or share your exercise routine in the home.

The sharing of the intimacy of the celebrity just proves that they are just like normal people, and do stupid things. And they are even more similar to their followers where they are, for example, that you have contracted the virus, as has been the case to another level.

In an interview with the portal in the AP News, the chief executive officer of the Sociabakers, an expert in marketing and social media encourages this behavior by the artists, and says that the fans will become more attached to those celebrities, the most straightforward, at the end of the pandemic.

“A gostiho in their personal lives, showing their homes and families, or by themselves in a haphazard fashion, they are going to increase your engagement on social networks. Internet users are fond of acoiar the content is natural and unique, especially at this moment in time. It gives you the feeling that we’re all in this together,” says Yuval Ben-Itzhak on the AP News.

On the other hand, not all of them are showing as open to the routines of the isolation of the star-mainly because they are in situations that are more comfortable because they are rich. “I don’t care what celebrities are doing in their mansions,” wrote one internet user. And another agreed: “Funny, how they are becoming irrelevant in the face of a real problem.”

According to experts, the increased exposure of the artists, it can also result in more of me on social networks. “All the big stars of Hollywood, will be trucidadas, especially if they continue to post on Instagram complaints of insensitive and far removed from reality, like, “Oh my God, I’m so bored that I’m going martíinis in my swimming pool,” said the expert in social networks and Akshaya Sreenivasan, the University’s college of Business of A&M, and Texas.