Check out the famous who have contributed to the fight against the pandemic coronavirus Emerged


Famous the world over for their contribution to the fight against the new coronavirus. There are millions and millions, which, added together, will assist hospitals, non-governmental organizations, and the people who are most vulnerable. In Brazil, for example, by Ivete Sangalo has donated 1,000 of the bunk beds and 5,000 pieces of clothing for one unit of the battle of the Covid-19, and the reception of the population of Salvador, bahia.

Ivete Sangalo at DVD, the Live Experience ” (Photo: Handout/Rafa Mattei)

She Through the company’s Espaçolaser, of which he is a member, She Was announced a contribution of$ 1 million for the unified health system-SUS (sistema único de Saúde). The author has also contributed to the delivery of the 300-thousand bars of soap to impoverished communities in Rio and São Paulo.

Larissa Manoela The young man had invited his 30 million followers on Instagram to join in the dance, where, according to her, all the revenue raised will be allocated to the Santa Casa de São Paulo, brazil.

By Paula Lavigne, Caetano Veloso In the capital rio de janeiro, the Ação342, fronted by Paula Lavigne, Caetano Veloso, has launched an online campaign with the purpose of helping the residents of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. So far, the project has raised just over$ 312 billion.

Pedro Scooby-Doo The ex-husband of Luana Piovani has raised and distributed 20 liters of water, 6 soaps and a basket of basic food items to low-income families and residents of Jardim Gramacho, in the municipality of Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro.

Rihanna – On the outside, her popfez for a donation of US$ 5 million, or the equivalent of us$ 25 million, through the NGO ” Light for Lionel Foudandion, which is one of the founding members.

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Penelope Cruz In a profile in the social network, the actress said that it has purchased some 100 billion disposable gloves and 20 ml of masks to be delivered to a hospital in Madrid, Spain.

This Year In the universe, as a sport, the Barcelona player has donated 1 million euros, about$ 54 million for the two hospitals: one in Catalonia and another one in Rosario, the city where he was born.

Justin Bieber In the beginning of February, when the disease is ‘exploded’ in China, the young man has made a donation to an NGO in china. The amount has not been disclosed.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively The actors have decided to contribute$ 1 million to the program. The amount that will be allocated to two charities: one in the United States and one in Canada.

Justin Timberlake The singer said he would make a contribution to the donation of the food is in Memphis, Tennessee, his hometown. The singer did not reveal the amount, but talked about the issue on Instagram. “This is a one-time dishes, but please keep in mind that we are all in it together. Support your local community by taking food to those who need it”.

Shawn Mendes Another singer, a thickening in the list. Through his foundation, the singer has donated$ 175 billion to a hospital in toronto, Canada.

The Oprah Winfrey Show The film was also included in the aid to combat the epidemic, and has donated$ 10 million.

James Taylor He and his wife, Kim, have donated a combined$1 million to the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The money will go to help purchase supplies and equipment for the treatment and prevention of the Covid-19.

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* Information is from the A7 for Entertainment.