Chris Pratt, on the way to Wolverine, with the blessing of the Same Name


It will be interesting to follow the casting process and the subsequent presentation of the new Wolverine film. For a number of reasons, first of all because it is one of the most popular and beloved characters of the House of Ideas. Second, because it has been for many years, played by the same actor, Hugh Jackman. Third, because of Name, and after a great performance in Him. And fourth, because the character is returned to the control of the Chief, being taken over by the team of Kevin Feige, the architect of the UCM.

It is common to speculate about the name, it’s going to take on the character, and recently, we showed you just a fan art of Tom Hardy in place, something which we know is very unlikely, not least because it has the mantle, But to keep the dress up.

Another actor who has a role in the Marvel universe, but it would fit well in the seat, it’s Chris Pratt, Star-Lord and friends. Under the current quarantine, Pratt went to Instagram to display his super-human strength, making sure to follow the hashtag #quarantinewolvorine.

Via IGN, Spain.

Your own Name, reacted to the picture by sharing it on the side of the famous Group, in conjunction with the comment of “cute”.

It will take longer than we would like to return to the Universe of the Cinematic from the Marvel comics to the movies, and after it has been decided to postpone the Black Widow. Return to step 4 must come in the form of a streaming service, Disney+, which is scheduled for the summer, with the debut of the Falcon & the Winter Soldier, the first of the series, produced by Marvel Studios into the service.

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