E! True Hollywood Story will reveal who is really Kim Kardashian


By Alejandra Morón Instagram: @moronitas

A new season of E! True Hollywood Story will hit the screen next Monday, 17 February at 22:50 hours and will focus on stories that will expose the legends most stunning in the industry hollywood.

The first episode will address the history of one of the business women, mother, wife, sister, advocate of the reform penitenciara and future lawyer more important to the entertainment industry: Kim Kardashian West.

Under the name of “Who is Kim Kardashian West?”, in the episode Kim Kardashian discusses her world and history, together with his best childhood friend, her husband Kanye West, her sisters Khloé and Kourtney, Scott Disick and the executive producer of Kardashian, Farnaz Farjam Chazan, among many other key characters.

“In the first episode we have the story of Kim from many spectra, as his relationship with Kanye West, the controversial theft in Paris and other subjects, but the story is told in such a way and with a harmony fabulous, that we give time for all involved, without leaving of side to Kim or to focus all the attention on her,” he said in an interview with Sara Mast, executive producer of the new E! Hollywood Story.

Another of the issues addressed by the ironic program is the NXIVM (NEXIUM), which will be released on the 24th of February, and will take the name of “NXIVM What self-help or Worship Sex?”.

The episode focuses on the recruitment of women in the organization and its subgroups, and the severe impact it had on their lives. This installment also reveals the secrets and the behavioral impact that led to the conviction of the founder of NXIVM Keith Raniere and the declaration of guilt and the impending judgment of the former actress and member of NXIVM Allison Mack.

Keith Raniere
Photo: Conversations with Keith Raniere via YouTube

Among those who tell their stories are Catherine Oxenberg, who speaks with postage lost his daughter in the cult, and finally rescue her, and Barbara Bouchey openly shares what it was like to live within the group.

“We are in a new era where, as a program, it behooves us to fall in love with a new generation of viewers. If I could recommend one of the episodes of this new version, it would be the of NXIVM, was a topic quite controversial and required a lot of investigative work, we are anxious to see the response from the public,” said Mast.

The realization of each one of the chapters requires a lot of research and time, because in addition to researching and collecting photos, videos, audios, etc., must conduct interviews.

“Approximately 6 months per episode, from the search of information, getting interviews, recordings, etc”, we shared Sara Mast.

The choice of topics is not an easy task, the producer shared that he had to choose between more than 500 subjects that could be part of this new season.

“We were amongst around 500 topics, I believe that in the end, we chose proposals fresh and situations in the entertainment world today have made a mark,” he revealed.

In addition, something that is very clear Sara Mast is the fascination of the public for the life of the celebrity.

“We all have a fascination for knowing more about the life of the people that we see on television or in any other medium, we want to make sure that in some way they are like us, do, and live by the same things that we do,” he revealed.

“Other moves the curiosity, the curiosity to see how is the lifestyle of someone a millionaire or famous. In the end, I believe that we are all human and we all have a natural predisposition for knowing what to do the other and try to empathize at some point,” he said.

The new season of one of the most successful series of the 90’s will come to the small screen next Monday, 17 February at 22:50 on channel E!

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