Emilia Clarke asks for donations to the coronavirus


Emilia Clarke has joined the celebrities who are donating to help fight the current outbreak of the coronavirus, which is affecting the world, but their request for help via their social networks, has angered several of his followers.

The actress of ‘Game of Thrones’ has said that it wants to collect more than 250,000 pounds (Us$ 1.6 million), through his organization, ‘Same to You’, for the purchase of medical supplies, hospital beds, and to help those who are suffering with the Covid-19.

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To encourage his followers, and Emilia decided to draw a virtual meal with her for 20 of those donors, and he announced through a video posted on his account Instagram:

“I have a small request, please help me reach the £ 250,000 for the foundation, ‘Same to You’, and will select at random 20 people lucky enough to be able to connect with me, virtually, to cook and to have dinner together. We will discuss many things, from our fears, and videos of funny, you know,” said the actress.

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The actress said that the ‘Same You’ is collaborating on this initiative with the Hospital of Rehabilitation, Spaulding, of Massachusetts, and the University Hospital in London, england.

I am happy that Clark had suffered two aneurysms in the past, which is why she founded this charity to help all those affected by brain injury, and stroke.

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“We are building clinics, and virtual rehabilitation for survivors of brain injury to have a place to go, a place to feel safe and secure and a place where we can be alone. We’ve got to do everything we can to free up as much bed as possible. What do you guys think? Do something good, help people and eat dinner with me.”, said.

But the request has drawn criticism from some users, who have pointed out that it would donate, rather than ask for those with the least economic power to do it.

One of them said: “You have won US$ 500,000 per episode on ‘Game of Thrones’ and he wants people out of work to give you the money?”.

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Another blasted: “the Celebrities that you love for millions and asking for other people to collect the money.”

“Why don’t you donate some of your money?”, needled each other.

The fact is that, there were also fans who defended these attacks on the grounds that the purpose of all this is to help those most in need and who are expected to be among the lucky ones to make a virtual meal with her.

It should be recalled that during the filming of the famous series “Game of Thrones”, and Clarke had suffered two aneurysms, which is why she founded this charity to help all those affected by brain injury, and stroke.

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As well as, in the Emilia, there were many celebrities who gave their support and help in the fight against the virus, covid-19, which is a problem all over the world, so any advice is a great help to pre-empt it. .

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“I’m single right now … and Dating in the industry, it’s interesting. I have a lot of funny stories, a lot of things that you can say at a dinner party a fun one. I was [namorando atores]but I’m not now. I mean, I wouldn’t say that you don’t want to, but I do think that the relationship with the players that are successful are few and far between, and you have to have a lot of confidence. , “he said.

Although this ensures that you are not looking for a relationship at this point, you are open to finding that special someone.

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