Great movies are timeless in the context of you Life


In these days when the time just seems to stretch it out, and if you can take advantage of a subscription to Netflix, and HBO to go for a good part of the History of cinema, focusing on the quality.

Baby doll Luxurythe film that Blake Edwards did it in 1961, from the novel of the same name by Truman Capote, is a romantic classic with Audrey Hepburn in the shoes of a prostitute on the prowl for a millionaire, it’s a good way to get the candidate characters for the Series, where there are also two films, the author of the the mighty Citizen Kane, Orson Welles: The Stranger – The Stranger(1946), the united states with nazi germany, and that the trial On the Other Side of the Windthat the film was left unfinished and has been for 40 years in the field, making just his death, in the year 2018.

There are more classics on this platform: Easy Riderthe road-movie bike from Dennis Hopper, with Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda in 1969, is one of them. The other is a Scarface – Power of the Powerwith one of Al Pacino’s gangster in 1983 and directed by the master, Brian de Palma, for whom the Series has also set in stone.

Continuing on with the animals, there is also a trilogy At The PartyFrancis Ford Coppola, who also can be seen in the (unfairly) bad one Tucker – The Man and His Dreamfrom 1988, featuring Jeff Bridges in the shoes of a pioneer of the automobile industry in the us. The way you can see the talent in her daughter, Sophia, francis ford Coppola, with a Lost In Translation – Love is such a Strange Placewith Scarlett Johansson, and the always-amazing Bill Murray – that value is also in the Ghost Hunters 1984.

The ‘ 80s were, in fact, is well represented in the biopic Gandhifrom Richard Attenborough (academy Award for Best picture, Director and Actor for Ben Kingsley), but also in the Blade Runner – The Danger Is Imminentin the final version of the author, and Ridley Scott (with whom there is also Body of Lies, Surrounded and The gladiator), and Sex, Lies and videotapethe film, in 1989, revealed by Steven Soderbergh.

It already The Remains of the Dayfrom James Ivory with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson in a story in world by Kazuo Ishiguro, With sensitivity and common Sensefrom Ang Lee, who won the academy Award for Best Adapted screenplay, and The Good Rebelfrom Gus van Sant, who gave the Original screenplay for the then very young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, are the most prominent representatives of the late 90’s in the platform, which is also an acceptable selection of music, including United states, Annie (both the original and the remake), and Chicago.

Without the need to exit Netflix, go for a trio of filmmakers with exceptional: Clint Eastwood, which is represented by the real Sniper Is An Americanduring the war in Iraq, and the 15:17 Of Destination-Parison a failed car bombing in a train in in 2015, Sam Mendes, who has a war movie Jarhead – The Machine Is Zerothe drama Revolutionary Road and it’s a masterpiece American Beautyit ; and that Christopher Nolan, the always-futuristic, with a Interstellar, The Dark Knight (they gave the Award posthumously to Heath Ledger), and Inception – To-Source.

As for HBO, it has a wonderful Atof Almodovar, and it’s a pretty good selection of the World, including the diptych Kill Bill and Pulp Fictionthat is also on Netflix Kingdom Conquest Ii Is Released and Sacanas Sem Lei. Now martin Scorsese has only a The Casino: the major part of the rest of the style of the author is in the Series (the one that produced the recent northern ireland). There are The Knights of the city, The Departed, The Pilot, Shutter Island beautiful The Age of Innocence..

To add to the family, it is recommended to Tim Burton, the Series has The Corpse Bride and The Legend of the headless Horsemanand, of course, is Steven Spielberg, whose saga of Indiana Jones, which is ideal for those who love adventure, it’s all on HBO), in conjunction with the A. I. Artificial Intelligence, foray into science fiction with a touch of the sentimental, Ready Player Onereflection on video games and virtual reality, masquerading as a film, and Internationalimpressive lesson on the slave trade from an uprising on a slave ship.

HBO is also strong in portugal. Not having a classic, it has the very desirable Blood of my bloodwith Rita Blanco, a masterpiece of Miguel Gomes My Beloved Month of August and Taboo, Letters from the Warof Dr. Smith, based on the work of António Lobo Antunes wrote to the woman while he was in Africa, in the colonial wars, and the Mother Knows bestcomedy , light, Mary, John Junior, to remind you of the golden age of national cinema.