‘Harry Potter’: the stories behind-the-scenes problems with drug abuse in the novels of


In The Harry Potter Series’ it was one of the biggest sensations in POP culture for children, adolescents, and young adults, but the story behind the camera of the saga, and it is not as beautiful as you see in the movies.

To grow up in front of audiences all around the world, it was not an easy task to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Ruppert Grint and the other co-stars. Problems with alcohol, drugs, and the law is made a part of the reality of some of them.

In addition to this, the feeling of suffocation due to the tight schedule of the shooting has become a part of the experience, it’s so glamorous to the outsider, almost a nightmare.

We’ve separated a few of these mishaps that happened behind-the-magic-journey-of – ‘In The Harry Potter Series‘:


Daniel Radcliffe have you had a serious problem with alcohol being at a very young age. The actor has admitted to the difficulty, in an interview with the The Heat Magazine:

“My personality is the type that is easily addictive, and that it contributes to the problem. I don’t want to go into all the details, but I drank a lot every night of the week. I never got to drink it while recording ‘In The Harry Potter Series’ but then I went to work drunk. In some of the scenes, I was so stoned, that, technically, I wasn’t even there, it was just my body.”

Involvement with illegal drugs

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In 2009, a number of objections to the claim that Daniel and Ruppert Grint they had a smoked maconho, which is illegal in the united kingdom.

On that subject, the representative of Man went so far as to say in the matter, claiming that the young actor, “smoke occasionally”, but that never came to fruition.

Already, a representative of a colleague, he told a different story. At the time, he brushed off the accusations, saying that there are plenty of factoids, and it is not his style.

Jamie Waylettone of the pair of the character of Draco Malfoy, was arrested for possession of drugs in 2009. Police allegedly found eight packages of marijuana in his car, and a small plantation of marijuana at the home of his family.

He pleaded guilty to grow 10 marijuana plants, as well as producing a different type of drug. It ended up taking to fulfill the 120 hours of community service.

In 2011, he again got into trouble with the police, being convicted of violent disorder during the protest, which took place in London, uk.

Relationship with the fans

The fame, it always ends up with a burn, and it is common to show an interest in his own way, on love.

On this Man did you always tried to get to know the person before sex, but she had to admit that, in the circumstances in which I was drinking, rolled about in it for something casual. In general, it is also pointed out that his routine is off it always kept him balanced and to the point.

One of his colleagues in the squad did not have the same discretion on the part of. Nicholas Readthat has come to play a play-in ‘The Philosopher’s Stone.’, was in trouble with the law.

In 2010, he was convicted of indecent exposure on a train. Due to its small size, it has been considered to be frail to be in prison. However, in 2011, he again got in trouble with the law for the same offense.

Time is tight

The actress Emma Watson it came to admit it in a public interview at the Entertainment Tonight that is their time of the shooting, they were awful, showing that you decide to take the next steps in the movie, it was a decision that was “agozinante”.

On the occasion, which took place in 2010, ” she said

“I had the time, very hard working, ‘In The Harry Potter Series’. I had time to get out of the house, to eat and to go to the bathroom. Each and every second of my day, as I was under their control. I don’t want to sound like reclamona, but this was definitely the period of the filming of the most intense and painful that I have ever spent”.