Her Hand is considered a failure at the box office, of Birds-of-Prey


Cathy’s Hand, and is Margot Robbie behind the scenes of the Birds-of-Prey (Movie)

Birds of Prey: harley quinn and the Emancipation Fantabulosa hit theaters in February, and that was the impact that caused it, the feature was not able to collect a great box-office. The film had a budget of$ 85 million, and grossed around US$ 200 million at the box office, and the reasons for the failure are numerous, and among them is the fact that it’s a movie starring women, and the stigma attached to the Squadron Bombers had left.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the director Her Hand if you comment on the failure of the box office of the movie. She said, “yes, Yes, I do think that if you can think of on the details of the budget, I do know that the studio had expectations running high for the film, all of us have. There is also the expectation to be in a movie led by a female, and the one I’m most disappointed in was the idea that this is ‘proof’ that you weren’t ready for it. It was an extra burden for me, as a woman of color, and the principal, as it has been for me. So, yes, I do think that there are a number of ways in which you can understand this, the success or lack of success of the film, and everyone in the world has the right to do so. But I definitely feel like the whole world has tried to see why it’s a unique angle, too fast”.

Due to the low revenue at the box office it is not known if the Birds of Prey will be a sequel. But, we’ll see the return of Margot Robbie as harley quinn in The Squad as a Suicide bomber, which is being directed by James Gunn and is scheduled to arrive in theaters in August of 2021.

Birds of Prey is now available in digital media. The film talks about how harley quinn is dealing with life after the end of the Wild card. Soon, she joins a group of anti-heroes in order to save the life of a girl who is in the cross-hairs of a dangerous villain, the Black Mask.

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