Is this the case? Fans are concerned that the new song by Selena Gomez is about her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd; please check the signs!


Apparently, Justin Bieber is not the only former Selena Gomez is remembered on the album is “Rare”! After the release of the deluxe version of the work, released today (9) in the context of streaming, a lot of fans have seen is an indication that the new song “Mercy”, talks about The Weeknd – the star that Selena dated her for 10 months and in the fall of 2017.

On Twitter, fans of the singer immediately took the points as they listened to the lyrics of the song. At one point, Selena says: “Calling you name”, the only language I can speak” (“Calling out your name, the only language that I speak”). In the year 2018, The Weeknd has released a song “Call Out My Name — supposed to be Used, which says: “Call out my name when I kiss you so gently” (“Call my name when I kiss you so gently”).

Also, in the song, the singer, and he asked: “Won’t you call my name?” (“You’re not going to call out my name?”). In the “Gift”, we will see that the answer to that would be “We call on your name, the only language that I speak.”

The other part of the song that Better describes the moment: “In New York city back in August / 10th-floor balcony. Smoke is floating over / the Jane and Greenwich street (New York city, in August, the balcony of the tenth floor. The smoke that is floating around on Jane and Greenwich street). The description makes no sense with the timeline of the courtship of the two, according to JustJared, is in August 2017 and the ex-couple were together in New York city.

And quiet, which is not done yet! At a certain point in the lyrics of “Mercy”, Better referred to a meeting at the Sunset Tower, saying, “Breakfast in the Tower lobby / Waiting there for me / In the elevator / Fumble for your key,” (“the Entrance of the Sunset Tower/ Waiting there for me / In the elevator / Searching for the key”). In the fall of 2017, the singer has been seen with The Weeknd on the site.

On his new album, “After Hours”, The Weeknd have a song called “Missed You”, “I Lack”), which states: “But then I heard you call my name and it sounded like the sweetest song” (“, But then I heard you call my name and it sounded like a song, more of a sweet”). A lot of people think it’s about Selena, after all, the two of them have such a thing for the “call by name” lol.

Following this insight, a lot of fans are already shippando the ex-couple is back, and asking for them to be reconciled. “For when Abel and Selena were together, and both of them were at one point a complicated and difficult in their lives, and they came, and they had no time to recover, and if it finds it, and is now known as “Abelena” will win”, made a fan.

“Thinking about how Selena dedicated a song like ” go the f*der – ’ to Bieber, but the songs are of love to The Weeknd… to Me, it says a lot about who I wanted her as a trophy, and who will really care about it he reflected, with a huge fan following.


But be careful, the CSI on the internet. It is worth noting that all of these details, they are only theories. In the meantime, we are listening to this wonderful music Better, and The Weeknd, and I wondered what it would be for the rear…: