issuing recalls Luciana, Gimenez, with Donald Trump, and Britney Spears


Luciana Gimenez interviewed, Dnald Trump in New York city in the Non-RedeTV!)

The Special RedeTV! The 20-year this Friday (10th) bringing you the best interviews with the international and Luciana Gimenez. Britney Spears, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump and Mick Jagger are among the names of the people interviewed for the film.

Donald Trump in 2016, before he became the president of the United States, has been one of the personalities interviewed by Gimenez. The meeting was held at the residence of the then-presidential in New York city.

Luciana Gimenez, in an interview with Britney Spears (Photo/Handout)

Viewers will also be able to recall the encounters of the author with Britney Spears at the height of his career in 2002, with the actors Arnold Schwarzenegger (2013) Charlie Hunnam (2017), and with the singers-Bryan Adams (2007), Seal (2008), Laura Pausini (2011), Mick Jagger (in 2016).

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Luciana Gimenez, in an interview with Mick Jagger, the father of Lucas, Jagger, the son of the two (see Photo/Handout)

Every Friday night, at 22h15, the particular RedeTV! The 20-year it reminds of the best moments from the channel’s schedule during the two-decade history. The collection brings together passages of different types, important, and other talents that are revealed by the radio station, and programs in the auditorium, the bottom of the ocean, game shows, and major interviews.