John Krasinski to give life to the world via YouTube


It’s a channel on YouTube, which is entitled Some Good News and, in it, Krasinski promises that it will only disclose the good news

JohnKrasinskiSGN Screengrab

The Covid-19 has caused all over the world, and a mandatory quarantine treatment. The entertainment industry has these days, you lived through the times equivocal: on the one hand it provides us with hours of entertainment with movies and tv shows, so the other was forced to stop, putting it on pause many projects in the future.

Fortunately, there are a few who can overcome the adversities of life. The talk shows the americans, for example, be carried out in the homes of the speakers, and via the internet. Kevin Hart is on instagram, with a caption entitled: Confessions from the Hart and, so far, in the national territory, Bruno, Nogueira has been on a daily dose of fun with her How does the animal move.

John Krasinski, who is a young, dynamic, and funny, and asked on Twitter for her followers to send stories with a positive message, or, in a simpler way, the things that make you laugh, and for the magic to happen. Five days after he was born Some Good Newspresented by the actor himself.

In the first episode, recorded at the home of Krasinski, was awarded a special logo made for the daughters, and was an invited guest of the luxury of Steve Carell. In this talk, the subject of The Office it was inevitable, as the play is 15 years old, and both of them were available to you to receive with love the idea of a reboot.

To occasionally the item has not been established, but we expect that to happen on a regular basis. At this point, we are all in need of some good news.