Kim Kardashian poses in WET in the beach with sexy bikini


Kim Kardashian fell in love with its more than 164 million followers Instagram, with a new product of their famous girdles SKIM, being a type of slender bikini that led to the beach to promote your sale online, but the publication became a subject of social networking by letting you see near his attributes.

This sensual garment of the famous socialite it is available in 5 skin tones different, being one of its most famous products among his followers of social networks, it is also considered as a comfortable underwear that fits in various sizes and in these times of quarantine by Coronavirus decided to challenge the censorship.

The publication of Kim Kardashian exceeded 730 thousand 840 likes in less than 4 hours and received a lot of comments elevated tone, which praised its well-proportioned curves, as at 39 years of age, is considered one of the most influential women at the international level along with your family socialités.

The photo of Kim Kardashian

In addition to devoted to the promotion of their own brands of clothing, the famous entrepreneur participates in a reality show with other members of his family, being well known together with the equally successful Kylie Jennerby getting an empire of cosmetics from a very early age.

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There are several occasions where Kim Kardashian demonstrate their abilities to impose fashion trends, like to reveal their secrets to carry a pronounced necklines with all types of sensual clothes; from underwear, girdles, make-up and special tape for the bust, she has managed to sell their products from the comfort of their social networks.