Kumail Nanjiani he complained about the delay of The Eternals, the Marvel comics


The Eternal (Movie)

With the downturn in the entertainment industry and is caused by a new coronavirus, a number of films have had to be removed, either with a change in its release date to be moved to a video-on-demand or streaming on your own. One of them The Eternal the Chief, who went on to win the new date for the Disney in the last week, after the studio’s attempt to retain his international debut in November. In addition to Angelina Jolie, and the Kit Harringon, one of the highlights of the long Kumail Ninjiani, the star of the series “Silicon Valley” for HBO.

The actor has been in the public to let off steam about what they thought of the postponement of the film, as it was one of the great enthusiasts for the project. “There are so many more important things going on in the world right now. But on the streets of The Eternal has passed from November to February 2021. So protect yourself, wash your hands, stay away from the crowds of people, social distancing, and we’ll see you in February,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The Eternals tells the story of a “superior race” of human beings dating back to before Christ, and were created by the alien celestials, during a visit to the earth. With the extraordinary powers, they will realise that, among the race, there will be those that have been corrupted during creation, is referred to as a Deviant. The role of Nanjiani in the film is the Kingo, which has been developed as a samurai during the SIXTEENTH century, in Japan, where it comes from. By taking advantage of its power and ease of the fights, and he has become a star of action movies.

In an interview with the magazine, Men’s Health, the actor said that it was not easy to get the body that you earned in order to give life to the character, and there were days that he came to tears because of the pain but the results were worth it. According to him, the Marvel universe has given him all the psychological support, and nutrition are necessary, but with a great deal of care to notify to the company any of the food that he would consume that to them at least minimally to the diet. I tried to eat a pudding cup, and I was left with a pain in my stomach for 12 hours, and it was not worth it,” said he.

“The idea is that all the time in the gym to give me more energy to do all the other things that I love. People often ask me: ‘do You think that this is the most daunting right now?’. Dude, it’s not. These muscles that are useless and decorative,” joked the actor, in the course of the same interview. The Eternal was their debut re-scheduled for the 11th of February, in the year to come.