Kylie Jenner is leading the podium, and it is the young richest in the world for the second year in a


Billion Dollar Babies!

In addition to being spectacularly beautiful, and talented in all that you do, Kylie Jenner also, very clever, and whether it is to make money, and she knows how to do it well.

A young man of just 22 years of age, she is the founder of the Kylie’s Crafts and, currently, co-owner, it is in 2019, sold 51% of his company to a giant in the beauty Coty Inc. for the $ 600 million it gave to the position of the young man over billion dollar in the world for the second year in a row.


According to the magazine Forberthe income you receive for the 49% of the company, valued at 1.2 billion u.s. Dollars, of approximately 6.2 billion dollars, has a continuous evolution, and it is the one that makes you the star of the reality tv show”Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ to be part of the celeto a group of 2095 people have 10 digits on their bank.


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