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The project was launched in December of last year, the WMBR’s Musicinviting the artists who make up the cast of the Warner Music Brasil to the performances and intimate, recorded live with the successes of his career and it shows, always taking the place of the common names are well-known to fans, is back with an episode that is unusual in this Wednesday, June On April 8, at 18 o’clock. Julian The Be takes over the mic for a session full of hits, such as The Girl Let Go, It’s Too Bad and Come in.

Warner premiere, a new episode of the project

The best work of the artist can be seen in the two versions, new pieces, one of Downtown and one of the The restin addition to a mash-up the With You. and The Shape Of You. The performance is intimate, Julian, appears, accompanied by Juliana Vieira,.

The design is engraved into the The YouTube Space located in the In Rio de Janeiroit is a design and manufacturing Warner Music Brasilunder the direction of the Gustavo Tolhuzien.

In the episode Julian The Be it was recorded on the day September 16, in the past year, and the series will be completed with the shares already disclosed on the Lucy Alves, A Rust-Suel and Carolina Csan. In brief, the records John, Gustavo, & Swim, UM44K, Day & Lara and Samantha Machado they will also be available in the channel from the company on YouTube.

WMBR’s Music this is a number that is unprecedented, that he was born to bring to the public a different view of the well-known artists from the streaming platforms, venues, and media. In each episode, the design includes both unique of the greatest hits and a re-known to the mainstream, with a roupagens different, which allows for a new way to look at the fans to a new facet of the performing musicians.

The show, set up a structure that is smaller and more intimate, complete with an urban setting and are being released in episodes, on the channel of the record label in the YouTube.

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