Lives of the artists migrating from Instagram to Youtube to understand why


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The “lives” was the first solution found by the industry to the artistic, to maintain the relationship with the fans during the period of detention is necessary in a multi-coronavirus. No more shows, the majority of the artists of the invoice. And not being able to record and post videos, and a lot of singers and bands, in fear of “falling into oblivion”. Their lives, as well as encouraging people to stay at home and avoid the big city, they are the antidotes to these issues. Initially carried out in the Instagram, they can migrate bit by bit to the Api, the platform is to provide support to artists, and offers the opportunity for you to monetize your feeds. On Instagram, the more viewers they have, the appeal will not earn a penny of it. In the Youtube video, the more people that watch it for the longest time, the greater the gains – especially as the live and after it is saved and can be watched many times, with commercial breaks.

Gusttavo Lima-it was the first in brazil to invest in the Youtube video during the years. Their live snack bar in the House,” which lasted for five hours, it had 10 million page views during the course and a further five million after that. According to the singer, he was able to raise more than$ 100 million, and tens of tons of donations to help in the fight against the coronavirus. Due to the success of a new edition of the “snack bar” is set for Saturday (11/4) at 20. Gusttavo has come to break the world record of the Games of 750 thousand customers are likely to have an account. The record, however, was short-lived: the duo Jorge & Mateus broadcasted a live show on Youtube on Saturday, “In the Garage”, and had 3.1 million hits to the site. “To live,” has 25 million views, 13 million, after the transfer, and he gave 172 tons of food, and a 10-thousand bottles of alcohol gel as a gift. Both Gusttavo as George and Matthew, were, in addition to a number of corporate sponsors.

The numbers you made in Youtube are much higher than those of Instagram, due to a number of factors. The spectator has an experience that’s more comfortable on the Youtube video, audio, and video in the highest quality, and the ability to play at the smarTV, leaving the phone free to use other applications as well. When you live in the Instagram, it is possible to. On the lookout for the best conditions for the artists and the fans – a number of artists who started out in the the quarantine like in Instagram are turning to Youtube as a Rust-Marilia Mendonça, Dennis, DJ’s, and Peter’s Own. Léo Santana made him, simultaneously, on Instagram, and on Youtube, with over two million views on the second platform. To fulfill his promise, he will donate 40 tons of food to needy families and victims of the Covid-19.

April 8 – 20 – Linda Thomas
9 April – 20 – Pedro Sampaio
11. April – 20 – Gusttavo Lima –
April 17 – 20 – Felipe Araujo
18-April to 20 – Wesley Safadão
26 – April-18 – who’s excited

During this period of quarantine, with all of the concerts were cancelled around the world, people are hungry for this kind of project. The “life” of the Nervous feeling will only be at the end of the month, but in the name of the singer went to the Sunday round in the trending topics on Twitter, with requests for songs for him to sing on the show. For the term “the Ashes is Only for The Old,” it was one of the ten most talked-about.

The major initiatives are, for the time being, they are in the hands of the artists of the region’s inhabitants. Singers and pop groups have not yet opted into the lives of the Youtube video, probably because of the infrastructure that is required for their shows. It is easy to do with a transmission, it is not the best, and the singers, the region’s inhabitants, with an acoustic guitar, that the real pop stars, whose performances involve dancers, choreography, and a band made up. But the reality is. It is expected that the shares must be architected into the silence.

Out there, Lady Gaga has stepped out in front of you, and he announced on Monday (6/4), for the realization of a film festival online, with the names of the calibre of Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John. The event, “One World: #TogetherAtHome”, will take place on the 18th of April, to be broadcast internationally, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO). To find out more, please click here.