“Minions” and 2 ” and the new “Ghostbusters” are postponed to 2021


The Hollywood studio announced further delays in its schedule of releases for the sake of the coronavirus. Universal, where he was noted for the release of the animation ” Minions 2: The Rise of a group-wide, scheduled for the 3rd of July of this year, in the us, 2 in July of this year. The new date also means that the release of the Name of the 2 will have to be put back to the Christmas of 2021, as the minions return to the big screen had been set aside for this film. Already Ghostbusters – Beyond this, the 3rd film in the franchise, Sony Pictures, went to the 4th of march 2021.

Faterhood, Kevin Hart, and it is one of the chief of the studio in October, in the year 2020. A project that is not yet announced from Sony, Marvel will also debut in October 2020, 1.