Orb of Venom and replace Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine in the picture, you see


In the Marvel comics, the promise of the introduction of the X-Men and the future of the universe film. And with that, fans are eager to know who will be in important roles.

The paper draws attention to is the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, who has lived with the hero of the franchise, the Fox network, said he has retired as a hero.

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The latest film from the star as the Wolverine, was Logan, in the fall of 2017. The fans may regret their decision, as it is considered to be the performer that’s perfect.

Among the especulados, there are three names that stand out. One of them is Taron Egerton, the Rocketman, while the other one is in the Henry Cavill Superman from the DC.

But, it is the preference of many fans, it’s another.

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The preference of the fans for the role of Wolverine in the Marvel comics, it’s very hard to be the chosen one. The internet, they want Tom Hardy as the mutant in the MCU.

The problem with this is that the actor plays the role of Eddie Brock, the Venom in the Marvel movies. The character is in the MCU, but there are rumors that you can get in this world, thanks to Spider-Man.

With this, it would be hard to take Tom Hardy as Wolverine. Even so, the fans continue to show it as it would be a good choice for you.

On Instagram, the fan Mizuri has published a new image of Tom Hardy as Wolverine. The costume chosen was that of the classic hero.

Check it out below, noting that the arts are not official.

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In the Marvel comics, it still does not take a position on who should be the Wolverine. In addition to this, it is not revealed when it will be on the introduction of the character.