RATING: Manu Gavassi in the country? On the side of the crossing point, and a Piece of her, she sings along to the hit who’s excited!


Manu Gavassi it was confined to get at the ‘ BBB ‘ long after the meeting of the ex-members of RBD in the house of Alfonso Herrera, at the end of the year. A fan of the group, and she admits that he is very anxious, and thinking on the subject. “Is that the previous seasons again? I know, I keep thinking about it. For the love of God!” she said to Thelma, and the Maintenance in the room of the leader on the last night.

According to her, when she comes out of the “BBB ” rating is going to be the questions to share with your friends and team: “the first thing I’m going to ask you while I’m gone: the previous seasons again? I ended up with my career? The one that made it to the GALLERY [Petrix]? Pyong was it good?”.

Over his career, Manu Gavassi can be relaxed. It is the participant who has the most gained followers on Instagram – a symbol of their high popularity. In addition to this, three of his own songs have entered the Top 50 viral on Spotify, the company has issued a new printing of your book for the sales quintuplicaram, and she won two tickets on the second american this week.

For the account of the nominee’s record, with 1.5 billion votes cast, Manu, reached the 4th place at the stop of the Social 50 – which measures the performance of artists from around the world on the social network, and also to the 30th place in the parade to Emerging Artists. This is the first time that it appears to be on the Album and is already breaking the record: none of the brazilian artist has reached so high in the Social 50.