Revelations like never before. Val Kilmer says he dated her in secret, with Angelina Jolie before Brad Pitt’s of the World –


Val Kilmer is getting ready to release an autobiography called “I’m Your Huckleberry’ in the next day, the 21st of April.
And then, in one of the excerpts have already revealed the actor in ‘Top Gun’ is a disclosure that is unprecedented: long live the queen ” in the secret of Angelina Jolieprior to an actress to get involved with Brad Pitt, with whom he would later marry.
The novel was born when Angelina and Val Kilmer to play opposite together on the movie ‘Alexander’ (2004).

Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie

Kilmer, 60-year-old guarantee on the book it was one of the stories of love, “the most serious and compelling” that has ever lived. “When people ask me what it is, I answer, that it is very similar to that of the other women, and all the other celebrities, but it’s still the best,” he says.

In the novel, it will have to last for only a few months old. “My heart was broken,” said the actor about the place.